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  • Inside Recruit's individual commitment to my son's success and their motivation and dedication to each player is what makes them different.

    Richie Mims - February 6, 2013
  • Don't make a mistake by selecting a national recruitment service with false claims. Their program works and I would highly Inside Recruit.

    Rick Miller - March 7, 2014
  • Inside Recruit provided valuable and honest assessments and went above and beyond in the recruiting process to help find the right school for us.

    Ben Duncan - October 28, 2014
  • Inside Recruit has made all the difference in my son's journey to find the right college baseball fit.

    LeeAnne Grosnik - April 5, 2016
  • Inside Recruit helped guide our son through the whole process & will always come highly recommended from our family!

    Jeff and Jeannie Pulley - February 10, 2016